I am encouraged by the level of interest and support in spreading the “dog bite prevention word”.

If there is one thing that I wish for our dogs, that is a more educated human population when it comes to reading and understanding the nonverbal messages our dogs give to us every day.

If we can work on just this one thing, we can not only prevent dog bites but we are likely to help the shy and fearful dogs among us to be more confident around the scary two legged beings in their world.

Some data to help you understand the scope of this problem:

Unites States Annually:

What can you do?

  1. Become fluent in dog body language.
  2. Always allow the dog to choose to greet or not.
  3. Supervise all dog/child interactions.
  4. Don’t hug dogs.
  5. Refrain from direct eye contact.
  6. Never Approach a tethered or confined dog.
  7. Teach children to leave dog toys, food and beds alone…respect the dogs personal space.

Fabulous resource for children and Adults:  Www.doggonesafe.com