Separation Anxiety Training

Does your dog suffer from Separation Anxiety?  Do you come home to house soiling, destruction, phone calls from neighbors or notes from animal control because of your dog’s barking? Does your dog lick or chew sores on him-self when you are away? When you return home is your dog extremely aroused, jumping, barking and even biting in his extreme joy and relief to see you? 

Separation Anxiety and separation related distress are emotional reactions to being left alone, the unwanted behavior is an outlet for the pent up frustration, fear and anxiety a dog feels when being left alone…in short the dog panics resulting in a variety of reflexive and/or physiological behaviors, as he desperately seeks the return of his human.   At A Good Dog Day, we can help you resolve this fear and teach your dog to relax when you need to leave him at home alone and give you the tools you need to help set him up for success!

Solving Separation Anxiety​

The cornerstone of our program is to stop the roller coaster and prevent the panic attacks so your dog can get his chemistry and stress levels back to baseline, we set his body up for learning and begin to build trust; trust that it is SAFE to stay home. 

We will partner with you and your dog’s veterinarian to ensure that he is supported both physically and emotionally during the training process to help your dog feel safe and secure.

By stopping the emotional cycle, we can get your dog into his “thinking brain” where we will execute a custom training plan based on your individual dog’s triggers and level of concern.  We will incrementally help your dog learn how to relax during the departure process and then when you are away.  Our clients, with our support, have come up with the most imaginative ways to help their dog stay in their comfort zones during their training and the results speak for themselves.  Best of all, our process is extremely effective and has yielded some amazing results for our clients and their dogs!

Getting Started

Thanks to the miracles of technology, we can help you no matter where in the world you are located.  If you have at least a phone and a computer or internet connected device we can help you resolve your dogs Separation Anxiety.

The Process:

Contact Us Complete and submit a simple questionnaire; we will be notified of the completion of your form and will give you a call to get the ball rolling by the next business day.

Complimentary Consult

We will contact you to set up a complimentary 30 minutes phone conversation so we can learn more about your dog’s behavior, answer your questions and explain our program and rate structure to you.


Initial Assessment

Once the paperwork is done, we will conduct an initial assessment to determine your dogs starting place and then we’ll develop a customized training plan for you and your dog.  


Training Begins

We will guide & coach you through the process of teaching your dog to relax while alone.