Frequently Asked Questions

My dog has Separation Anxiety, how do I stop his destructive or vocal behavior?
A: To solve separation anxiety we need to focus on changing the fearful emotions and the alone time behavior will change on it’s own. Crating, Giving Food/Chews or using punitive measures for the behavior will not solve his behavior and may in fact cause additional stress or anxiety. 

Do you offer group classes?
A: Yes.  We specialize in individualized training but we do offer group classes randomly throughout the year. For your convenience, you can view the group classes we currently have on our schedule by clicking this link:  Our Current Class Schedule 

Click here to view our  Human Only Classes and Seminars 

I want to socialize my puppy, don’t I need a group class?
A: No.  Socialization is a systematic process of helping puppies feel safe and   gain confidence.  Group classes can be overwhelming for puppies.

How do I socialize my fearful, shy or aggressive dog?
A: Socialization is a development period for puppies up to 4 months of age. For older dogs, we create a customized training plan to build confidence and teach new behaviors through a rehabilitation process.

What payment options do you have?
A: We accept Credit Cards, Cash, Checks and PayPal.

My dog is just stubborn, how will training help him?
A: The dog is doing what works for him, training will show him other behaviors that work better.

What are your training methods?
A: We have taken an oath to use ONLY Science Based, Humane, Positive Reinforcement methods.  We get behavior by teaching dogs what TO DO.  We NEVER use fear, coercion or pain.

Will I be required to use a “clicker” when training my dog?
A:  No.  A Clicker is a tool, a marker.  We encourage the use of a clear marker signal when training your dog and often use clickers but it is not required.

What type of harness, collar do I need to use? 
A:  We encourage harnesses and collars that do not put force on a dog’s neck.  Our recommendation is a Balance Harness or a Freedom Harness.  We can help you identify and fit the best tools for your dog’s body type.  We do not use training collars of any kind (prong, chain/choke or electronic). 

What leash type do I need to bring? 
A:  You can use any 4-6’ solid leash leash; leather, cotton or nylon are common materials.  Flexi leads are not allowed in the training environment and discouraged due to the dangers they pose.

Do I have to use food to train my dog? 
A:  Technically NO but why would you not use such a powerful reinforcer?  We want to use the things the dog absolutely wants and loves in the moment and we need to be able to reinforce quickly, several times per minute in the early phase.  We will discuss this more in our training sessions.

Where is the training done? 
A: Depending on the training options you selected, it will be done in your home and/or in other locations where you want your dog to be proficient in his new skills?  

Where are classes held?
A: When we have classes, we post the location on the class page.  Some classes are held indoors at various locations and some classes are held in public, out and about location depending on the training objectives.

Don’t I need to wait until my puppy has all of his vaccinations before socializing him? 
A:  Emphatically no.  According to the AVMA and what we know about the puppy development periods, we have a finite time period to help a puppy become comfortable with his world.  We help explain and show you how to socialize your puppy and keep him safe from disease.


Vaccination Policy:
All dogs must be current on vaccinations according to the veterinary schedule.  Bordatella and Canine Influenza vaccines are required for group classes as is a current Rabies vaccine.  Client must provide a copy of vaccination records on veterinary letterhead (self or breeder provided vaccines are not accepted with out veterinary approval). 

Attending Training:
All family members are welcome to attend and participate in the training process. If there are children under the age of 10 years, it is recommended that another adult be present and responsible for meeting the needs of the child, preventing disruptions to the dog. 

Payment Policy:
Payment is for the purpose of holding a training reservation on our calendar.  Payment for the full amount of training is due at time of booking; specific training dates and times are guaranteed only after payment has been received. Exceptions to this policy, if any, will be included in the training contract. 

Returned Check Fees:
Client will pay a $25 fee plus all other institution fees for all returned checks.

Cancellation & Refund Policy
A Good Dog Day, LLC does not double book and therefore protects clients confirmed training schedules. Any cancellations must occur at least 2 weeks prior to the 1st day of training to be eligible for a refund in order to protect our schedule from last minute cancellations. If a cancellation occurs less than 2 weeks prior to the 1st training session, no refunds will be given under the contract. Refunds, less $25 administrative fee will be processed within 14 days of request. Any and all exceptions will be included in the training contract. 

Make-Up Sessions:
We understand that unforeseen life issues arise.  However, because consistency is important to the learning process of our dogs, if after training has begun, a training session is missed or cancelled by the client for any reason, that session is forfeited by the client and an additional make-up session may be booked at the hourly rate of the training contract. Missed or cancelled sessions will not be credited for use on another date. If a schedule change is requested at least 7 days in advance of the original scheduled date, all efforts will be made to accommodate the change on a space available basis.

If a rare circumstance requires your trainer to miss or cancel a training session, a make-up session will be booked at no additional charge to the client on the next available date.

Distance In-Home Training:
In order for us to offer distance training options, there is an added charge of $1.50/mile for travel 30+ miles and/or 30 min travel time.  Travel charges are waived if the client agrees to meet us at a location closer than 30 miles/30 min.  Google maps is used to determine the fastest route.

Training Rates:
A Good Dog Day makes every effort to keep the material on our web site as up to date as possible.  However, training rates posted on our web site may not reflect recent changes and should be considered sample rates.  Your trainer will quote you a specific rate during the training plan / contract approval process.