Potty Training

This is definitely one of the top 3 things every puppy needs to learn when he comes home. Every accident in the house is a minor setback to the house training process; there are smells left behind for the dog to find and reuse and the dog learns and repeats inside relief.

Errorless housetraining includes a few simple but very important steps:

  • Crate Train your dog for night time and short-term confinement. Dogs do love their crates too!
  • Use a long- term confinement area during the day and when the dog will be alone for longer than 1hr.
  • Put your puppy on a feeding schedule; this allows you to predict when he will need to go out.
  • Every 30-45 min during the day take him where you want him to go, reward him with super yummy morsels in that spot when he does. If he doesn’t go, continue vigilant supervision.
  • NEVER punish or reprimand a puppy for going in the wrong place. This will only teach him not to go in front of you.
  • Do NOT leave your puppy unsupervised.
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